Looking for THE BEST roofing company in YOUR area?

CertainTeed is proud to sponsor the SELECT SHINGLE ROOFER program.

This roofing contractor credential represents the highest standards of excellence, quality and knowledge in the shingle roofing industry.

A SELECT SHINGLE ROOFER is in the top 1% of his profession. because of this, you can rest assured you are getting one of the best.

A SELECT SHINGLE ROOFER has the exclusive ability to offer you three levels of SURE START PLUS extended warranty coverage if you select a CertainTeed Integrity Roof System. Ask him about it!

Becoming a SELECT SHINGLE ROOFER is a rigorous process involving several significant educational and accreditation steps. In order to maintain this credential, the Contractor must continue to meet the program requirements listed:

  1. Well Qualified Installers – SELECT SHINGLE ROOFERS must ensure a percentage of their installers and at least one job supervisor are MASTER SHINGLE APPLICATORS, through testing and regular re-accreditation ensure that MASTER SHINGLE APPLICATORS are some of the most advanced roofing installers in the industry.
  2. Shingle Quality Experts; second your SELECT SHINGLE ROOFER must have, as part of his workforce, one of the following:
    • An employee who has earned his QUALITY MASTER credential by studying the CertainTeed shingle Technology Manual and passing the QUALITY MASTER test. QUALITY MASTERS are knowledgeable experts who can explain the subtle but important differences between shingles, and help you determine the best shingle for your roof.
    • A member of the prestigious CERTAINTEED PROFESSIONAL ROOFER ADVISORY COUNCIL. Membership is by invitation only and is based on a contractors professional standing.
  3. Finally the SELECT SHINGLE ROOFER must carry worker’s Compensation Insurance, as required by by law, and Liability Insurance, This coverage is critical for your protection.